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The Film Reformation Society The Society was established to piece together any available information, no matter how nebulous, about lost, forgotten, and possibly non-existent films. We combine this with our Society member's vast knowledge and experience to reform these films from the pieces, thereby reforming and preserving human knowledge. Our first project was 'Arrest That Dog!' The Podcast The Society has established a 'podular cast' to give listeners an ear's-eye view of the film reformation process. This is in keeping with the Society's motto; Hoarded Knowledge Stinks Like a Hoarded Shit. Money Hose Productions A podcast production company owned by the Society's founders R.P. Thunderdunk and Juan Incognito. Based in the Canary Islands, because you can make podcasts anywhere! The Society's Founders R.P. Thunderdunk - The Rogue Archivist Eschewing the standard, restrictive ideas about "evidence", Mr. Thunderdunk is a relentless rumour-seeker. Whether it be trekking to lost Himalayan drive-in theatres, or diving to the sunken galley of fabled screenwriter Barth Langley, he doesn't rest until he gets a usable fragment of information. Juan Incognito - The Bad Boy of the Film Recreation World Juan was pushed out of mainstream film reconstruction for his aggressive, ground-breaking methods. Often splicing contemporary references (clips of himself dancing) into hoary old classics, his views on filmic relevance have gotten him fired from more than one film restoration project. The mainstream's loss is the Society's gain.Read more »

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