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First thing you might be asking yourself – probably SHOULD be asking yourself – is “why do I need to listen to another comedy podcast?” We don’t know. We think this one might be a little different. Yeah, we touch on the issues of the day. We talk politics, sports, pop culture… all of that stuff. But we’re also brothers. And one of us is a veteran stand up comedian with national credits while the other owns and operates a major comedy club in Baltimore called “Magooby’s Joke House.” So we think maybe there’s a dynamic there worth checking out. The “art” of comedy vs. the “business” of comedy. Also if you’ve ever been part of a family, and we’re guessing you have, then you know what it’s like trying to get your opinion heard at the dinner table. Not that we ever really had regular dinners growing up. Both of our parents were drunks. Our father, who died in early 2012 after suffering a stroke brought on by doing everything a person could do to kill themselves, was also an emotionally abusive, degenerate gambler while our mother, still alive (if you want to call it that), is a delusional, pathological, kleptomaniac who probably has Narcissistic Personality Disorder. One day on the podcast I’m sure we’ll talk about the many times we had her committed to various mental hospitals spread across two states… Or the time our father passed out drunk on the day we were moving from New York City to Baltimore and so we didn’t actually leave until midnight and our parents thought it was okay to relax our dog for the trip by giving him brandy and Dramamine… Or the time Andrew, 9 years old and just back from delivering newspapers, found a note on the refrigerator from our mother letting us know she’s skipping town. Or the time our drunken father broke all of Marc’s football trophies. You know, typical family s**t. Point is, there’s some scarring. And we both have stuff to work out. So if you want to hear what an abusive childhood does to two brothers who also happen to be funny, smart and provocative, then we think you’ll like this. If not, “go **** yourself”… Sorry, that’s Andrew talking. Marc would never say that because he’s more socially mannered than Andrew. Or a phony who suffers from ACOA “hero archetype” issues. Sincerely, Marc and Andrew Unger.Read more »

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