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Entrepreneurism, start-ups, leadership development, coaching and business. The Dash is a show about the meaning, substance, impact, power, soul & culture of your business and your life.   You can have a relatively successful business selling widgets to the world. But at the end of each day...or on the day you retire, you may very well look back on the lifetime you spent selling widgets to every man, woman and child on the planet and realize that your life's work had no real substance, impact or meaning.   When you look at your dateline:  In business from 1969 - present 1969 I sold my first widget. Today is today.  The dash (-) is everything in between.  It's the people who's lives I touched and changed for the better.  The human connections I've made.  The hungry mouths I've fed.  The ...(fill in the dash) Ask yourself - What was MY Dash?   •From beginning to end, what did it all mean?   •Who/what did I impact?   •What was/is the purpose of any of it? •I spent (or will spend) 10, 30, 50 years doing it... •So what is/was it all for?  What does it mean and too whom? Come join us in discovering the power in each of our purposes.  The responsibility we have as business owners and entrepreneurs to making a difference and let's get injecting some real meaning into your dash.Read more »

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