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Welcome to The Corporate Creatives! My name is Natalie and I will be your host every Mondays and Thursdays! Whether you’re tuning in on your commute to work or just settling into your cubicle – I will be right here, week after week, to instill some creative spark on those corporate wheels you’re on! So here’s the deal – you’re here because something feels lacking in your work life and you have no clue what it is, or maybe you do know what’s lacking, but those corporate cuffs are just too comfortable for you to break free from. I get it because I’ve been there! I went to law school, became an attorney, ended up in Corporate America, was unhappy, but stuck around for a few years because I was bound by physical and mental barriers I created myself – a big mortgage, massive student loan debt, fear, pride, uncertainty if I left… and the list went on. I felt trapped and didn’t have the resources or know-hows to break free. It was not too long ago that I finally walked away from a soul-crushing, six figure job– all in exchange for freedom – freedom to do more meaningful and creative work that we are all destined for. The launch of the Corporate Creatives was inspired by the many success stories I discovered and the wisdom I gained from countless self help books. This podcast is exactly what I needed during those sad days in my cubicle and my hope is that it will be your catalyst to make a change today! Whether your goal is to find a job that inspires you to do your best work or to pursue that entrepreneurial venture you’ve been too busy for or too scared to launch, I know there’s a creative soul in you waiting to come out and I will keep at it until we find her!Read more »

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