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Do you want to travel but feel something is holding you back? Maybe one of these questions has crossed your mind: How do I travel alone? How can I travel abroad as a college student with debt? How do I travel with a 9-5 job? Can I fly on a plane with my dog? How do I become a digital nomad and make money from the road? How can I travel cheaply on a budget? How can I travel in an eco-friendly way? How do I get over the fear of flying? Where can I vacation as a vegan? How do you hike with a toddler? Welcome to The Confident Traveller, a podcast to bring you stories, tips, and resources from inspiring travellers who boldly overcame the obstacles keeping them from their travel dreams. Each week your host, Sarah Alexander, interviews a new guest to share their personal story in a motivating and captivating way with solutions and hacks for those facing a similar situation so YOU can also achieve your travel dreams! Hit SUBSCRIBE so you don't miss a show and check out for more great travel tips! THE CONFIDENT TRAVELLER INSTAGRAM: THE CONFIDENT TRAVELLER FACEBOOK PAGE: THE CONFIDENT TRAVELLER SHOWNOTES: more »

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