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“Breaking out” is a metaphor that represents a major shift in someone’s life—a defining moment when everything changes for the better. A moment when they know that everything going forward is going to be completely different. For some, it’s a moment that defines their career. For others, it’s a rebirth that leads to a completely new life. I am fascinated by the concept of a breakout moment, so I decided to structure a show around it. With each guest, I want to get to the root of their breakout moment—pinpoint the defining space in time that altered the course of his or her life. Then explore what led to it (inspiration, hard work, dumb luck, and everything in-between) and what they think it takes to spark this breakthrough, from creative exploration, to habits, to unique and potent marketing that propels their brand. In a nutshell, to get into the surprising story behind their success to date. And deconstruct how they mastered their own art of breaking out. The ART of breaking out is deeply personal and so amazingly different for each person. I simply want to spark change. To help you get unstuck and get past the suck. To move you to make that one little change and create your own breakout moment.Read more »

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