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Live Wed 2:00 PM ET AND Wed 2:00 PM ET John Fortuna has brought a light, hope and compassion to the psychic world. As an intuitive, author, and teacher, he has, over the last 26 years, helped thousands with his special intuitive gifts and professional counseling experience. John Fortuna has known he was different since age 6, when he found a fortune telling deck in his parent’s room and began using them to read people and discern their futures. At age seven, John was involved in a hit and run accident; while unconscious he had a near death experience in which a woman in all white appeared and gave him the option to go back to his mother or stay with her. John chose to return home, but her final words inspire him to this day, “ Now that you know the truth, you can never live your life the same.” Since then, people of all ages, cultures, and religions have sought his wisdom and counsel. People wait months to speak with him in private sessions and leave with a sense of calm serenity and hope. People from every continent look to John for answers about their relationships, careers, and even their spiritual paths. John Fortuna’s unique perspective is enhanced by his spiritual beliefs, professional experience as a family counselor and child protective services social worker, and his commitment to his wife and children. John believes it is through the choices we make with our free will, we set in motion a pattern of events. It is up to you to follow that path through to the end or make a change and break the cycle. “That’s What He Said…” explores people’s most pertinent questions about relationships, finances, career, health, family and spirituality. His honest answers, sharp wit, and accurate readings amaze his fans week after week.Read more »

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