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'Thank You 10' is a three-part podcast that features intimate interviews with creative individuals - on and off the stage, on and off the page. Hosted at UNC Center for Dramatic Art by UNC MFA-candidate Gregory DeCandia, the name 'Thank You 10' pays homage to the standard practice of saying “thank you” to the calls a Stage Manager gives an actor prior to “places.” The podcast concludes each mini-sode with a six-word story, an exercise attributed to Ernest Hemingway winning a bet. Challenged to write a story in less than ten words, Hemingway constructed: “For sale, baby shoes, never worn” in six. Each ten-minute segment sheds some light on the ever-shifting creative landscape and proffers insight on how to navigate its shadowy sinews. It all starts in... Thank You 10. Executive Producers: Adam Versenyi and Vivienne Bensech CREATOR/ HOST: Gregory G DeCandia PodCASTING Director: Arielle Yoder ( 'Thank You 10' STAFF WRITERS: Kate Brennan, Gregory DeCandia, Arielle Yoder, & Daniel Bailin 'ThankYou10' theme composed by Joseph Horak.Read more »

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