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Podcasts are quickly becoming a new way to share ideas and information, and we felt it was time to bring what we have to the table. Having taken an unconventional approach to life, we have experienced so many amazing moments, and we want to share these stories and our reflections on them with all of you. We are constantly researching topics that have helped us to open our minds and understand the world in a unique way. With so many people "waking up" on a daily basis, the concsiousness revolution seems like it will only gain more momentum over time. With that being the case, we feel it is important to enlighten as many people as possible, thus giving us the concept for this podcast.  We plan on featuring interesting people letting us take a journey into their lives, delving into things like psychedelic adventures, relationships, spirituality, addiction and more. We want to create a community where you can go to take a break from the daily grind and at the same time experiencing new stories & ideas. We want to keep it interesting and tap into a range of different emotions. Some episodes will be non stop laughs, while others will take you deep. These stories will take you through experiences that will keep you intrigued, and at times on the edge of your seat. The Misfits Guide to the Galaxy is here to be the one stop shop for you to gain the knowledge that will translate over to your everyday life. A guide for those that don't want to be like everyone else, a guide for people that question everything. Together we can create something that will help advance us beyond those who would rather stay running on the hamster wheel for the rest of their lives.Read more »

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