Your Stories Don’t Define You, How You Tell Them Will

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Show Info: Your stories don’t define you, but how you tell them will. If relationships are the key to happiness, communication is the doorway, and communication is most engaging when we use stories as our foundation. We share stories for many reasons, to persuade, to entertain, and to connect. What we sometimes forget is the impact of the stories we tell ourselves. Whether you’re sharing personal stories or business stories, how you share them makes a difference in how you remember them, and in how you’re perceived by the people you’re interacting with. When you figure out which stories to share, difficult bosses and coworkers, successes, failures, the next step is to develop how you share them. Have you figured out your patterns, and maybe your role in those successes and failures? In this series, you’ll hear personal stories of professionals who have identified pivot points that shaped their careers. These stories will resonate with you, you’ll nod your head in understanding, and then we’ll dig into the lessons from each of those situations. When I’m working with clients, I remind them to listen for understanding, not to respond. During this podcast, I’m asking you to listen to consider your related stories, and to listen to consider which stories in your life might have impacted you in a similar way.

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