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Show Info: Listen to the show every Saturday at 10:00am PT - 1:00pm ET on BBSRADIO.COM - Station 1. TDAC Solutions with Michele Marie The Future of Health Care has Arrived…… Tele-health is the craze for 2015. All you have to do is look for what is "Top Trending" in Healthcare, Medicine, and Technology today, on Forbes, INC., Entrepreneur, as well as the top sought after search terms in Tele-health and Tele-medicine, it is mind blowing. Tele-health has been in business over 40 years! Did you know that there is a service available that will allow for consumers to connect with U.S. Board Certified, Licensed Physicians, Registered Nurses, Master Degree Level Counselors by phone, email, video, or app on their IPhone or Android device in 16 to 30 minutes, that can be used to diagnose and treat more than 70% of the most common conditions? Have you not heard of this service? That is not surprising. That is because most Tele-medicine services have only been implemented by the nation’s largest employers and institutions. It is a fact, that in 2015, almost 1/3 of companies with over 1,000 employees already have a Tele-health plan in place, and those U.S. companies can expect to save more than $6 Billion a year using these services. That is a huge savings, for the large companies. Wait a minute….. There is something very wrong with this picture!! What about the SMALL BUSINESS OWNERS? They are the heartbeat of America. Who is helping them? Our country thrives and survives on our Small Business Owners! Who is helping their employees and their families with affordable health care alternatives? It is a fact that most Small Business Owners, who do provide a benefit packages, can do so only with deductibles, that are 5-10k annually, cover only the employee, and monthly payments absorbed in full by the employee that are so staggering are often denied by the employee. What about our Veterans? These are men and women who have served our country, however, news reports are stating daily of the claims denied, deaths while waiting for approval of coverage from the VA, or stuck in the perpetual waiting game. Men and Women who are in need of services that are struggling with PTSD, and TBI, these are the people that are in great danger, should a trigger arise, from their classified “MENTAL ILLNESS”, why do we stand by as a society and allow the status quo to be an acceptable alternative, for the men and women who selflessly gave their lives to serve our country? They quite.

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