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Target Launch is a podcast for entrepreneurs who want to transform their idea for a physical product or service into a revenue-ready launch. So if you’re a new entrepreneur, and you aren’t sure how to get started, or even if you’ve launched before and want to vastly improve your next launch, the Target Launch podcast is where you’ll want to regularly connect so you know what to do now and what to do next. You’ll gain insights into the fastest and most impactful way to take action to create the next great physical product, software as a service (SaaS) implementation, or service launch. You’ll walk away with more clarity and get fueled-up to target your next steps minus the buzz words and with ten-times more fun. In each episode, we're going to discuss the clear takeaways, tools, tips, and resources to help you successfully launch your idea and transform it into a revenue-ready launch. Because there's power when you can bring your ideas to life. Join Sharon Brown, founder of eLuminate Network and the Product Launch Lab® member community where entrepreneurs get access to Launch Blueprints, resources, and support for all stages of a launch. Sharon is a tech entrepreneur, angel investor, and creator of award-winning products that have become an international media sensation, have garnered a celebrity following, and even have been featured in the official Grammy gift bags. On the Target Launch podcast, Sharon shares her candid perspective about getting your product or service in the hands of real paying customers. She has created and sold hundreds of products and services (187 as an entrepreneur) in varying industries, including handing the unique challenges of making them all revenue-ready for major partners such as American Express, Four Seasons Hotel and Bellagio. With dashes of humor and realness, Sharon will share a unique perspective on the pluses and minuses to getting your idea launched, including her take on confronting critical areas such as development, marketing, sourcing, funding, distribution, legal, service implementation, resource management, and more. Her prior experience for companies like Macy’s, Capital One, Procter and Gamble, and British Airways included building and scaling enterprise-level products and services as a Product development expert, certified Business Analyst (CBAP), certified Project Management Professional (PMP), and Six Sigma Master Black Belt. Today, Sharon focuses on.Read more »

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