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When we "Rewind/Fast-forward" a season of a show, we will "Rewind" back to each episode and discuss them knowing what lies ahead on the "Fast-forward." While discussing each episode of the season, we will talk through the events, banter about things we liked, and in the process answer questions like... "What was that character going through, thinking, etc.?" "How does that play into the character's future?" "What did we see that we didn't see before?" "How did the events of the episode play into the overall season/story?" "Were there clues we didn't catch the first time we watched?" and so much more. In short, we are giving you a front row seat to our conversations about a show's season we are watching for the second or third time -- maybe even more. We are SO looking forward to this. Be sure to watch the entire season before tuning in...Read more »

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