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Ever think that markets are like gods these days? Ever felt fearful of the impact of another GFC? Ever wondered why life and credit crunch seem to go hand in hand nowadays? This story, called “bluesky & blackhat”, is an epic earth-side love affair set in a world sixty years from now. A world running on credit. Power in this future world is vested in a cartel of megacities called the G-37. It is 2074 – Wood Horse Year. In this story, old-fashioned romance and Earth Mother alchemy conspire to scoop all onto a planet-wide magic carpet ride. Our story begins on New Year’s Eve. The cast include reluctant heroes, villains, romantics and brave hearts of all persuasions. It is a story spun with magical connections and woven upon the loom of human destiny. A better future for our children’s’ children. Drawing on sci-fi futures in both THE REAL and THE VIRTUAL, and THE IMAGINAL dimension of magic and spiritual muse, “bluesky & blackhat” will appeal to a global audience. Its blend of poetry and politics arising in megacities across the globe fuels this potential.Read more »

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