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Show Info: Some time ago, a HAM radio owned and operated by the Still Human network came across curious sound. We could neither then nor now confirm or deny the source of the files, but we have grown increasingly less willing to dismiss them outright. It is possible, of course, that these are the creations of some lone storyteller, but possible, too, that these are somehow authentic recordings from a group that explored and colonized some far-flung planet. Whether the group is alien or from this earth is also debatable, though that they were recorded in English suggests a relationship with Earth, at the very least. I seem to be the only one at the network who believes they are authentic, however, and I have been required to qualify speculation with a repeated “they are probably fictitious creations of a person or persons who own a microphone”. All the same, we have assembled them into what seems to be a chronological order, despite that a date isn’t always provided, and will begin playing them for you now. Should the owner of these recordings hear this, please contact the network- as we do not intend to infringe upon intellectual property rights. To those wishing to hear the standard Still Human Podcast, we apologize and hope that you find these intercepted audio files as intriguing as we do.

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