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You are trapped in an artificial construct of corporate control. If you’ve been slaving away earning profits for the machine, but secretly dream of running your own business, then you are an Undercover Entrepreneur, and you are not alone. Your secret mission is to reach your true potential, start your own business, escape the nine to five and become Debossified. Chief Espionage Officer Sterling Valentine broadcasts a new secret transmission from the resistance to Liberation Nation seven days a week. Each daily episode is a highly classified debriefing with a successful business owner to reveal the top secret strategies they discovered in their journey from employee to entrepreneur. You’ll get insider access to Bad Boss Stories, Escape Plans, the action-packed Rapid Fire Round, Social Surveillance, a Quick Quote of The Day, plus tips, tools, techniques, and more, so tune in to the sound of the underground and join the fight for your freedom. You are now part of the movement, so get moving, because it’s time to rise up against the machine and live the life you’ve been dreaming of. Quitting is for winners. Standby for transmission...Read more »

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