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Episode Info:

We discuss a home brew scenario called Assassin.  That's right, the college campus game comes to Star Trek Attack Wing!


Flavor Text:

While exploring an uncharted star system, your ship was abducted by a member of the Q Continuum.  You and your ship have been chosen to complete in a deadly game for the amusement of the Q.  In order to be allowed to return home, you must defeat the ships chosen by other members of the Q Continuum in a game they refer to as Assassin.

Assassin Rules:

  • Each Player builds 1 Ship with a point cap of 75pts.
    • Current resources and the Independent versions of the Flagship Resource are legal. Using the Independent Flagship Resource will add Independent Faction to your ship.
    Each Player is assigned a target that they must eliminate, once the target is eliminated, the player takes the eliminated player’s target and continues to play.
    • Ships that are not your current target are considered neutral ships, neither friendly nor enemy and cannot be attacked during the combat phase. Abilities that specify friendly or enemy ships cannot target or affect neutral ships. e. Cloaked Mines – will not affect neutral ships that pass within range 1 of the token. If you destroy your target in the combat phase and have the ability to perform another attack, you may attack your new target if you are able to target it.
    Each player will be assigned a random starting location. Each player will add 1 obstacle to the battle mat, players may choose from the following obstacles.
    • Asteroid Field: When an attack is obstructed by this obstacle, the defender rolls 2 additional defense dice instead of 1. Debris: When a ship moves into or through this obstacle, it sustains 1 normal damage in addition to normal obstacle damage, this additional damage cannot be negated or reduced. Derelict Ship: Once per turn, during the Planning Phase, each player may remove 1 aux power token from a ship within range 1 of a Derelict Ship. Space Station: Once per turn each player may have their ship forego its attack to have the space station make a 3 dice attack against any ship within range 2 of the space station, this is a secondary weapon attack.
    Obstacles may not be placed within range 2 of any edge of the play mat or within range 1 of another obstacle. (If there are more than 6 players, the limit is 6in of any edge of the play mat.) The game ends when one player is left.
    • 1st Place: Last Player Standing 2nd Place: Most Kills
    Banned Card: Verteron Pulse Trap, the potential to have upwards of 6 of these tokens on the board would take the fun out of the game. Initiative: Player with the lowest point ship starts with initiative (if there is a tie, all of the tied players roll 5 dice and the player with the most battlestations has initiative).  At the end of the end phase, initiative passes clockwise to the next player. Initial targets are determine by a randomized list. Initiate starting areas are assigned randomly (drawing cards with numbers.  The edge of the play space should be marked off with a number of starting areas equal to the number of players.  Starting areas are to be as close to equal in size as possible. If there are more than 6 players, use a 4' by 4' play area.


Creating a Randomized List:

  1. Create a spreadsheet in google sheets Add player names in a verticle column Highlight all of the names in the column Click on the Data tab Select Randomize Range (I recommend repeating this step a couple times)

Assigning Starting Targets:

  1. The player in the first cell targets the player in the second cell The player in the second cell targets the player in the third cell The player in the third cell targets the player in the fourth cell Continue this pattern until you get to the last player, this player targets the player in the first cell.


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