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Nathan Shattuck is a Christian counselor and spiritual director in metro Atlanta, GA with Soul Care Christian Counseling ( Among other resources on his podcast (all used with personal permission of their author), his 5 'Impersonating Ourselves: The Truth About the False Self' talks address the essential psychological, relational and spiritual journey of uncovering the 'false self,' acknowledging and accepting the reality of our 'real self,' and seeking to ultimately live increasingly in our 'true self' - which is hidden with Jesus Christ in God (Colossians 3:3). Perhaps you catch glimpses of what it means to be 'impersonating yourself' - pretending quite well to be who you wish you home, on the job, even with your spouse or your friends. What if you could arrive at the meaning of simply being who you really are, who God envision when He decided to create you? What would it do in your life and in the lives of those around you if you began to taste the freedom of living honestly and in the freedom for which Christ set you free? What if you could stop the exhausting life of pretending and posing as someone you think you want to be or that you think others want you to be? The road to that kind of freedom can feel scary to travel at times, but it's one we CANNOT afford to miss. These talks might just help you go further on that journey... Enjoy. -Nathan.Read more »

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