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Show Info: SOSOADAE: The future of fiction. SOSOADAE : FM is a show about the intersection of art, reality, and how understanding fiction can help us imagine and craft more empathetic, more just, and more perfect humanity. At its heart, SOSOADAE is the extrapolation of African dramatic form (ADF), our tool for story development, advocacy, and the understanding of fiction as “root” to all things healing and meaningful. Three (3) ways to get started with SOSOADAE: 1. Listen, comment, and subscribe to THIS podcast. 2. Plant a fiction seed (and change the world for yourself or someone you love) at 3. Submit a 1500 word extract of your fiction to the ADF help desk and be featured on the show at Fiction makes us human, so live your best. Pro-Tip: ADF HelpDesk episodes are designed to introduce you to ADF topics by putting conventional creative writing instruction through the ADF lens.

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