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SOSOADAE : FM is a show about the intersection of art, reality, and how understanding fiction can help us imagine and craft a more empathetic, more just, and more perfect humanity. When I was a child, thought God had made me the lowest possible form of human being, to be both Black and female. I felt this way because of the stories I was told. Stories that criminalized Black skin, diminished African identity, and literally made being female a “curse,” if not merely dismissible. SOSOADAE : FM begins my journey toward new literary foundations. Three (3) ways that YOU can get started with SOSOADAE NOW: 1. Listen, comment, and subscribe to THIS podcast. 2. Plant a fiction seed (and change the world for yourself or someone you love) at 3. Submit a 1500 word extract of your fiction to the ADF help desk and be featured on the show at Fiction makes us human, so live (and write) your best. **For businesses: To become a partner or sponsor, send an email to more »

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