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Show Info: Who am I? Who can I still become? How should I live? How should we live? Those are the guiding life questions of Christopher Phillips (, founder of Socrates Cafe (, author of the "The Philosophy of Childing: Unlocking Creativity, Curiosity and Reason through the Wisdom of Our Youngest," and of the acclaimed "Socrates Cafe" and "Six Questions of Socrates,""Constitution Cafe,""Socrates In Love," as well as children's books, "The Philosophers' Club" and "Ceci Ann's Day of Why" With hundreds of Socrates Cafes the world over (see, Christopher brings his insatiable curiosity to the world of podcasts, where people of many ages and walks of life engage with the noted author, entrepreneur and Socratic Method specialist in the exploration of timely and timeless philosophical questions, the responses to which can serve as guideposts and springboards for living richer and more connected lives today. Chris has no agenda of any kind except to listen, to explore, and to prompt greater discovery of a sort that makes us more connected. He believes that 'civil discourse' isn't nearly enough -- that we need to inquire together, thoughtfully, passionately, reasonably, imaginatively, empathically; that we need not only to share our stories, but to use the life of the mind and heart to further discover and reveal our unique stories to ourselves and others at one and the same time. Then and only then, through this unique use of Socratic inquiry, can we forge the kinds of bonds that will lead to a greater sense of duty to self and others at one and the same time, and that will forge lasting bonds that make our world more livable and lovable. Listen in. What differentiates Chris's exchanges from that of others who have guests on their podcasts? For one thing, there is a genuine method of inquiry, the Socratic Method -- along with an ethos to go with it, one that demands careful and close listening. Chris's only agenda is to inquire with his guest, and to give them the opportunity to more fully discover and share their unique philosophical stories. Listen in.

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