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Pour yourself a glass of rosé and lather on your rejuvenating bitchface face mask with Single Whine Female, a podcast on feminism and pop culture with best friends Alex Zaragoza and Michelle Cotes. Alex Zaragoza is a freelance writer whose work has appeared in NPR, O Magazine, Rolling Stone, LA Weekly, VICE, Billboard and others. She writes a monthly column in San Diego CityBeat called There She Goz, and hosts + produces Unherd, a music and pop culture TV show on ABC San Diego. Alex grew up in Tijuana and San Diego, works way too many jobs, fucks with true crime, Flaming Hots Limón, and wine, and advocates for social justice. Michelle Cotes is a native Floridian with a master's in psychology and a minor in making jokes on the internet. Michelle loves intersectional feminism, wine, hot wings, & Twitter. When she isn't shilling out advice via Facebook chat, she's at home petting her cat and watching competitive cooking shows. Also: she wants to be your Fitbit friend!Read more »

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