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This podcast show is about the Sigma Philosophy I've created and all the principles and concepts within it. I created the Sigma Philosophy because I never fit in and I know there are others who think like me and are pushed out/walked out from society and the "norms". I tried to fit, but realized it was not meant for me to fit. I was an extremely weak beta/omega male. I allowed people to walk all over me, I didn't take care of myself and did not understand what it meant to make my own path. I wanted to have many friends and be social all the time. However there was always something in the back of my head that didn't feel right. I served 12 years in the Air force and over that time I began to rebel and think for myself. It didn't go so well in the military. I created a YouTube channel in 2015 and uploaded many videos. I then moved over to primarily podcasting in 2019 because YT and Google have a specific agenda I don't fit into. I spend much of my time in solitude and reflection and don't take sides in the many wars that are being fought in the 21st century. Many don't understand. It's a lone wolf mindset. If this sounds familiar, tune in and subscribe.-PATREON: App:$sigmaphilosophy-PAYPAL: more »

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