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Episode Info:

“We spend so much time chasing happiness that we never actually realize it.” - Eric Termuende

Eric Termuende is one of the best communicators I have ever met. It’s no wonder, he’s spoken on over 200 stages - 58 of them in 2018 alone. #HoneYourCraft

Eric and I went to business school together and found ourselves on the phone 5-years-later having a pretty in-depth conversation about communication and work. A lot had happened since we graduated university, Eric became a recognized speaker, author, entrepreneur, and expert on millennials in the workforce and the overall status of ‘work’ as we know it. He is the author of Rethink Work: Finding and Keeping the Right Talent and is the owner of NoW Innovations, workplace culture and consulting company.

In this extraORDINARY interview, Eric shares his process of becoming a speaker and entrepreneur and why he’s so passionate about sharing the message for us all to rethink how we work and who we work for. The statistics and perspectives he shares on workplace culture are quite staggering. The guy really makes you think! We also got super philosophical and talked about how to come to the same conclusions using various ideologies and methods. #NERDINGOUT

Eric is all about taking action - he was on the road for 150 days last year! In this episode, he shares his “action-orientation” philosophy to life and work. It’s pretty mind-blowing.  He’s a master of taking big concepts and making them simple to understand. Eric shares his top actions to take to live a great life and how you can do the same - it’s deliciously simple. 

What has taking action taught you in life?

Share with Eric and me on Instagram: @sanja and @termuende


Connect with Eric:

Eric’s Book: Rethink Work: Finding & Keeping the Right Talent

Eric’s company: NoW Innovations -

Shout outs in the show:


Quotes on Being Heard & Lonely:

  • “I am really bad with people hating me. I can’t do that. I do everything I can to be careful about my word choice and let people come to their own conclusions.”
  • “It’s better to be criticized than ignored.”
  • “With politics and tinder profiles, it’s not about being right - it’s about being heard.”
  • “If you can get people to hear and see you that’s when we go back to the hierarchy of needs and feel like we belong.”
  • “Harvard Business Review says that upwards of 40% of American adults are feeling lonely sometimes or always and that number has never been that high before.”
  • “It’s this paradox. In a world where we are more connected than ever before and we have never been this disconnected.”


Quotes on Jobs & Workplace Culture:

  • “When it comes to culture: there is a big disconnect between what is said and what is lived.”
  • “An optimized culture is when a stated culture and a realized culture are the same.”
  • “Work right now is not positive. We are spending more than a quarter of our entire week working.”
  • “There is no best culture. There is a best culture for you. There is a best culture for me. But, there is no universal best culture.”
  • “One of the biggest mistakes that companies are making is how do we hire millennials? Like they are all the same. Age only correlates with values for about 7%, you could pretty much role dice and get better oods.”
  • “Instead of trying to attract someone based on what they are. What I really want to advocate for is to attract people based on who they are and the experiences they want to have.”
  • “Scarcity mindset is not doing anyone any favours.”
  • "When we looked at the numbers: the average person coming out of university applies to 50-60 jobs, recruiters look at resumes for 6.25 seconds each, one in 50 resumes lead to an interview, and one in 10 interviews lead to a job. We’re rolling heavy weighted dice in the wrong direction!”
  • “We asked: How can we help employers attract the right people based on the EXPERIENCE they will have at work?”
  • “To get the the right job - I did the math - it’s one is 1 in 33,000 to find a job that you will actually totally align with. So really, it’s not wonder engagement hasn’t changed in 10 years and workplace depression, anxiety, and dissatisfaction are the lowest they have ever been.”
  • “The average person works 47 hours a week - that’s higher than it has been in decades - centuries even. Even in hunting and gathering days, they were working only 4 hours a day. In the 1st industrial revolution was the only time when people (farmers) were working around the clock, but now we’re in the 4th industrial revolution.”
  • “We are living 31.5 hour days because of our ability to multitask. We’re on average awake for 17 hours each day and that means that for 7 hours of our day we are multi-tasking and doing two things at once. I think we can agree that when we are doing two things at once we aren’t doing anything all that well.” 
  • “We are not looking at the right conversation. What is the life you want to design given that there is less of a separation - if any - between work and life anymore?” 
  • “Maybe it’s not about work life balance, maybe it’s about work-life integration, and if that’s true, maybe it’s not about integration at all. Maybe it’s just about life and work is a part of it.”
  • “People can enjoy the thing they’re doing most in a day - which is work.”
  • “50% of the BC population is living paycheck to paycheck. We don’t have time to be creative. We don’t have time to design our lives.”
  • “I believe if we make this culture conversation more considerate, detail and data oriented, that everyone can live a better life by design through the work that they do.”


Quotes on Actions & Process:

  • “To me, it’s never about outcomes, it’s about process.”
  • “For example, last year my friends and I did a half iron-man. It’s not about finishing the race. It was about training with my friends.”
  • “I am not striving to hit a milestones. I am striving to be a little bit better than I was yesterday. I am striving to build that routine and process that builds growth.”
  • “I am not about goal setting. Some people don’t understand it. Some people don’t agree. In both cases, they’re probably right.”
  • “Who is the person I want to be and how do I want to show up every single day?”
  • “New opportunities will present themselves and I will be ready to walk through whichever door presents itself.” 


Quotes on Entrepreneurship & Success:

  • “What if you have already made it? What if where you are right now is exactly where you need to be?”
  • "It’s not a pursuit to the extraordinary, it’s a pursuit to figuring it out. Whatever that means.”
  • “I find the less attached I am to money the more easily it comes.”
  • “I am not pursuing a dollar amount, I am pursuing a lifestyle.”
  • “There were so many stumbles and slips and falls this year. I suspect it will be the same for the next decade. You could argue that each month is a finish line or you could argue that there is no finish line and I am excited for both.”


Quotes on Communication:

  • “I really like quotes.”
  • “Nobody likes being told what to do. I let people make their own conclusions.”


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