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A moral and intellectual decline has taken root in the thinking of the African-American community. When darkness falls upon the face of the deep men who strive for moral and intellectual balance are obligated to pursue efforts to bring reason and rational out of ignorance (darkness) and conjecture. For ignorance and conjecture lead to a path that misguides, and the misguided ones eventually fall into misbelief, then disbelief, soon followed by weak morals, corruption, falsehoods, and perversions. Natural Law, the balance of seen and unseen forces that check and order an evolving universe set in motion by the omnipotent---One (Creator), reveals that man has evolved out of an innate pattern, a pattern that necessitates that man should follow on a path (direction) that is best compatible and supports his human DNA. Yet by the “time” since long gone by, recorded history more than often will show that "free-will" leads men down other paths. From the annals of “time”, it should be obvious that Natural Law cannot compel men to follow the intended path even though scientific reasoning clearly stands out from inaccurate or nonscientific paradigms (error) of thought. In the Arabia language of Qur'an, this intended path for man to follow is called, “AL-ISLAM”.Read more »

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