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Episode Info

Episode Info:

Recommendations for the keto life, living better and well:

1. Saying no.
2. Dom D'Agostino, Ph.D. on The Joe Rogan Experience
3. Mark Sisson's book, The Primal Blueprint


Recommendations about Stress and Money

It occurred to me this week that a lot of people are on a quest to get to "Screw You Money." That's the polite way to put it. SYM is the amount of money it takes to own the big house, tool around on a boat just for fun, vacation whenever you want and live the lotto winner's dream. In other words, when you get to SYM, you get to say, "No," to whoever the hell you please.

The trouble is, to get to that point, you pretty much have to say, "Yes." To everybody.

I talk quite a bit about this issue in Do the Thing.  If your aim is to do a thing well, be in high demand and sell to a lot of customers only to turn around and tell them all to go to might not get to the destination you want. You might not be doing the thing that makes you happy now.

My parents worked very hard for a huge chunk of their lives and it seemed to me they spent a lot of that time frustrated or angry. Their work was valuable but I don't know if they were in the right spot. My mother became a businessperson but it was her time as an OR nurse that she spoke of most fondly. When my parents finally retired, my mother was not in the best of health and she didn't get to enjoy it much. They took time off, a week here and a week there, each year. They traveled. But they sacrificed so much for those trips away.

In the end, they got their SYM, but they kind of got screwed, too. Mom was in a wheelchair for a long time before passing away from cancer. They worked hard and "did well," but their grasp at freedom as a couple seemed too fleeting.

Are You Doing the Right Thing?

Every job has its frustrations but if it's all frustrating, you might be in the wrong job. As a writer, I wrote for free for years before I turned to freelancing seriously. I loved writing so much it was a compulsion. Early this week I shared on Facebook that I had skipped writing for two days. On the third morning I awoke anxious and eager to get back to work. My books were waiting and I had to get to them. I hope you feel that way about your work, that it brings you happiness and solace. If your work is play, you'll never work another day in your life.

That's not an option for everyone, of course. Maybe you need retraining. Maybe you don't have the resources yet. Perhaps you are doing a job that doesn't suit you but I sure hope that is a temporary situation and you have a plan to escape. We spend so much time working, we should be doing what we enjoy in the long term. My parents taught me that any job is better than no job. Maybe, but don't let the job you hate turn into a career. Life's too short.
Some tough guy (like my Dad) would tell me to suck it up and do a job I hate for more money. That's not for me. I'd crash and burn. I would hate everything. Besides, the people who succeed seem to love what they do (before they're successful) and often continue to do the work long after they don't need more money! Stephen King is still writing. Jeff Bezos is still bent on taking over the world. Pinky and the Brain are still scheming to do the same somewhere, I'm sure. 

So don't go for SYM. That level of success is a side effect of success. Saying yes, being genuine, entertaining,  helpful and useful: these are the routes to having the option of saying no. Chances are that the habit of creativity and service will continue long after you don't "have to" say yes, anymore. Podcast Recommendations: Lots about Keto!

This week's best podcast award goes to The Joe Rogan Experience for Joe's guest  Dom D'Agostino, Ph.D. He talked in depth about the benefits of the ketogenic diet. From Joe's website (which you'll get at the link above): 

"Dom D'Agostino, Ph.D., is an assistant professor in the Department of Molecular Pharmacology and Physiology at the University of South Florida Morsani College of Medicine, and a senior research scientist at the Institute for Human and Machine Cognition (IHMC). He was also recently a crew member of the NASA NEEMO 22 project."

When the good doctor talks keto, he mentions "macros" on the podcast. That was the only thing he didn't explain in depth. If you get a keto app on your phone (there are many) you, too, can run your brain and body on ketones and burn fat instead of glucose. Macros are what you track to make sure you're staying in healthy ketosis: Carb, Fat and Protein consumption. Keto diets are useful for losing weight and combatting Type 2 Diabetes, but the research suggests keto has many more surprising applications. Keto can be a useful supplement to cancer treatment and ALS as well as a treatment for epileptic seizures! Great stuff from Dr. D'Agostino (who is also an aquanaut who works with NASA!) Keto Apps

The app I use is MyKeto. I also do intermittent fasting. For a fasting timer, try Vora (for more tracking) or TrackYourFast which is a simpler timer with no tracking. You don't have to use intermittent fasting to do keto. That's up to you, of course.  I can tell you that since I started doing it, I don't get sugar highs and sugar crashes. I feel sharper the more keto I go.

Runner-up podcast this week is Chris Hardwick's interview with actor Bruce Campbell, star of many movies and TV shows. You probably know him from The Evil Dead or Burn Notice. This might be one of the best interviews I've heard because it's clear neither the host nor the guest wanted the fun to end. Bruce does voices, tells stories and he's a very funny guy. Listen to that episode of The Nerdist here.

Book recommendations

I'm finally reading Mark Sisson's book, The Primal Blueprint. He lays out a great case for eating well by consuming plants and animals, cutting out the processed foods and exercising in ways that are not overly demanding. Check out his book here.


I usually recommend buying Do the Thing by Robert Chute. Instead, this week I'm recommending you ease your stress with my criminal autobiography. Brooklyn in the Mean Time, by your buddy, Robert Chazz Chute, is the story of my trip back to NYC in the '90s, on the run from trouble and heading straight back into a web of lies, danger and stolen jewels. I know! Crazy, right?

Begin your adventure with paperback of Brooklyn in the Mean Time here.

Pick up the ebook here.


Please toss this podcast (and my books!) a five-star review wherever you get 'em. I need the money and attention.

Click the BECOME A PATRON link at to get lots of nifty rewards. Special thanks to patron of the arts, reader and listener, RF Kacy for his contribution. Cheers, mate!

The Obligatory Disclaimer:
I'm a writer and a massage therapist. Don't take health advice from a podcast. The All That Chazz Stress Relief Podcast is for entertainment purposes only. I do this to help, not harm. Use at own risk. Do your own research. Beware of alligators. Your mother dresses you funny!


~ Chazz

PS Revamped the website. Buy some books!

(Just got my new paperback today. The color scheme looks...familiar.)

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