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Training results and develops depending on our personal desires and aspirations, but we train non-the-less. We develop our minds, bodies, hands, and feet to react under stress when lethal force, a buzzer, or a 8 point buck crosses our paths. Depending on the training we will yield the success level in any of the aforementioned scenarios. Having an instructor who will teach you the art of hand to hand combat or how to properly hold a pistol will develop you let skills in how to deal with a lethal force encounter. An IDPA match or martial arts tournament will take your combative skills to practical applications in hopes of making you more effective in a real scenario, or perhaps you just like the sport. In either event training is necessary. There are also those who wish to restrict our rights to exercise our abilities despite the training we receive. We also have to conduct ourselves in a respectful manner where we are the rule and not the exemption. By applying our discipline in training we should also translate it to our daily lives. In short, we seek training to fit our desires and preferences for how we want to live out our lives. Training should, in effect, make us better at shooting, hunting, hand to hand combat, and in our every day lives. Training should become a part of us, and not just an occasional tease. As Musashi said, "The way is in training."Read more »

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