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Tired of all the noise? Of all the division, separation and us vs. them rhetoric? Tired of the winner take all approach to situations, differences and issues? Me too. It became apparent during the 2000 Presidential Election and culminated in 2016 with that years election. In between those years I did a 180 around my personal spiritual beliefs and became a Christian on my 32nd Birthday. However, I see people of all faiths, beliefs and the like plagued by the issues laid out above. What can one person do? They can come to a table, sit down with another person and have a loving, open and honest conversation. No winners. None of the my viewpoint is better than yours. You lose and I win type of interaction. Stop talking for a moment and listen, with love and compassion and when you do talk respond in kind. The result? I've heard from people whose lives have been impacted, whose viewpoints have changed, who have a different perspective now. We want you to not only listen but participate as well as our ultimate goal is to inspire others to reach out and have the same type of conversations with people in their lives. Please feel free to contact us at more »

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