The Princes That Were Promised

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Show Info: Born amidst salt and smoke... just off the Long Island Expressway... and beneath a bleeding star... The Princes That Were Promised analyze and aggressively discuss the history of Westeros and The Known World. Join John and SeannieWan every week as they share their thoughts and observations for beginners and novices to #GRRM's 'A Song of Ice and Fire,' including analysis of the TV adaptation 'Game of Thrones' and all production news for HBO's Earth-shattering series. Any update to the break-neck speed of #GRRM's writing that trickles from the void, and any fantasy or science-fiction property of Royal interest can also be the topic of Royal conversation. Bend the knee and swear fealty to: The Wardens of Long Island, The Watchers on the Couch, The Lords of Chit-Chat.... The Princes That Were Promised Visit The Red Keep at Call the Banners at Get an Education from The Citadel at Send a Raven @PrincesPromised.

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