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Have you ever felt like you really need a dragon dildo shoved up your ass by a man dressed up in a wolf-suit? No? Ok. Just checking. Whatever, don't get so defensive, it makes it look like you really do want it, and are trying desperately to hide it. This podcast is hosted by the ultra proper and chaste Filthy Plebeian. Here we discuss elevated topics, such as weed, how the moonlight gently cascades off your dad's buttsack, and which type of suicide is the best type of suicide for society. Naturally, a gun to the head. Goes without saying. If you really enjoy alt right stuff, and really like shitting on immigrants, that's cool, too. We also enjoy shitting on immigrants. In fact, I've shit so much on immigrants, I now have a prolapsed anus, and my doctor said I should take it easy on the immigrant shitting. But I didn't listen. I just kept going. I'm insatiable when it comes to taking dumps on immigrants. Just like Trump. He, too, takes shits on immigrants. By now you've guessed right, this bio is all about keywords. Trump. Hillary. Immigrants. Weed. Comedy. Comedy. Comedy. video games. Games. League of legends. Ass. Tits. Lots of tits. Porn. Marxism. Capitalism. Gender queer. Gender identity. Mass suicide bombing. Arabs. Islam. Cunts. Good bye, have a nice day.Read more »

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