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Adam Sandler Please Stop is a complete retrospective of all Adam Sandler films past, present, and unfortunately future. It's hosted by Sandler fans; Robert Bacon, Marie Maloney, and Caleb George who are now disappointed and disillusioned with his current string of terrible films. Each week they watch an Adam Sandler movie in order of release date to discuss and then rank. Season 1 - Adam Sandler. Season 2 - Kevin James. Season 3 - Rob Schneider. Season 4 - Happy Madison. Season 5 - Chris Farley. Season 6 - SNL Films. Season 1 & 2 are hosted by Chicago comedians Robert Bacon and Marie Maloney. Marie and Bacon share a love for horrible films and find them just as enjoyable as a great film. After watching every Adam Sandler and Kevin James film ever created, Marie decided she needed a break and moved all the way to China. Bacon then asked his friend Caleb George to join the podcast. Caleb has a fantastic understanding of film and performed with Bacon on an iO Chicago Harold team. Together they host season 3 & 4 watching Rob Schneider films and every movie produced by Adam Sandler's production company, Happy Madison. For season 5 we decided to take a break from horrible films and celebrate the few films that Chris Farley made and then watch all the SNL films for season 6. More at more »

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