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In every situation there is exists two worlds; the outer and inner. Most of us are quite familiar with the physical outer world as that is what we see and interact with daily. Our society is overly focused upon the physical outer world and continues to forget about the vital inner world. The inner world is located in our minds; the control center for all of our outer behaviors and performance. Every action you take springs forth from the culture of your inner world. That culture comprises your values, beliefs, goals, and dreams. Much like a computer, your inner world has many programs that run and direct your life. These programs are the result of how you have been shaped by circumstances and a direct result of how successful you have been at winning the inner game of life. Whether you knew it or not, in every situation, circumstance, trial, and tribulation in your life, you have faced darkness on the battlefield within your mind. Darkness seeks to hack you’re your mind and embed terrorist-like cells that create programs of confusion, fear, self-doubt, hate, and shame. These programs of insecurity continue to limit your potential and sabotage your efforts to be happy, joyful, and achieve your dreams. The antidote for this battle is the mission of the Rhino Mentality Podcast. That antidote consists of creating awareness of the inner battle with darkness, helping others develop a powerful mindset (inner culture), and training others to proficiency in superior mental toughness tools. Developing a Rhino Mentality is like creating a powerful inner life warrior that utilizes superior mental toughness tools to protect and defend you on your journey towards happiness, joy, and achievement of your dreams. Listen to Coach Rhino, Chris Swenson and start learning to operate like a Rhino in your life today!Read more »

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