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Show Info: Hello fellow third dimensional dweller! It seems in fortuitous nature that you have stumbled upon our podcast show, Spacious! We are three friends with a passion for discussing almost all aspects of the human experience. I say almost, because we're not exactly sports fans. So, don't expect much talk about that. We do however love to discuss things like politics, science, health and nutrition, substance education, spirituality, metaphysics, and (last, but not least) video games. How egocentric of us to assume the discussions we have in private would be so entertaining as to share them with the rest of the world. So be it! Give us a listen during your morning commute or while cooking dinner! If you happen to enjoy our babble, give us a like or whatever on iTunes or wherever you listen to podcasts! Carpe diem, dear friends! Carpe diem! Have a marvelous day.

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