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Alright, some exciting news! My girl Nicole MacLean has surprisingly said yes to joining me on my Podcast. She's a legend in my world and the best conversation in my life, so I'm really proud to share her views with you all. We've updated it with a new name, 'Mad Magic'. In it we'll explore the crazy beauty of being a human at the start of the 21st Century, including specifically focusing on connecting with the many truths of the internal and external realms, ways to beat serious suffering such as anxiety and depression, how to view life reverently and easy ways to become more authentically you, as well as the wide spectrum of potential solutions to societal issues. We'll delve deep into the divide between mainstream perspectives and the plethora of conspiratorial views found in the independent space too. In the spirit of the former incarnation of this podcast, which was called 'Redesigning Society', I'll also continue to interview some of the most cutting edge thinkers and researchers of our current era. There's a few great interviews lined up already, so subscribe to 'Mad Magic' in a Podcast app (search 'Redesigning Society' if it hasn't updated yet) or head over to the Phillip J. Watt Youtube channel to stay tuned in. We're not real strict on how this develops either; we just want to have some fun, as well as help our audience to make a little more order out of this chaos, and if it grows into something where we can allocate a lot of time to it, then count us in. For this end we've set up a Patreon page ( where for additional content you can support us with a small monthly fee. For the first month I'll also chuck in a free digital copy of my book too (The Simulation), which might encourage a few of you to help us begin building that platform. Okay, that about wraps it up. I hope you get not just a little, but a lot out of it. And feel free to comment or share or do whatever to help us grow. Cheers Seers ?Read more »

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