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Brian Dillman, Brian Kissell, and the Barker Brothers (That is a lot of “B’s.”) bring you the best podcast in the Mormon Blabbernacle. Those unfamiliar with the Mormon Bloggernacle may not know that Rational Faiths is a blog started by the three Barker brothers who would often engage in private e-mails and phone calls with each other and their friends about Mormonism. The three decided it would be more fun to create a blog where all their friends and family could get together and hammer out some of the idiosyncrasies of Mormonism. It is a project that they hope can provide a safe, fair, and balanced space to discuss the complexities, difficulties, and beauty of their Mormon tradition. In line with those same goals this podcast is focused on creating audio resources for those seeking to explore Mormonism in a fun and honest way, while also promoting our ultimate goal, which is to “Keep Mormonism Weird.” In this show we talk about sex, science, psychology, Mormon studies, and much more.Read more »

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