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With Rat Salad Review being 1 Years old, we wanted to expand our content throughout the week. We have now turned Rat Salad Review into a Network. So now not only do we talk about hard rock and metal music on our flag ship show Rat Salad Review and Album Vs. Album with Wayne Noon, Greg Naugle, and Nate Landherr. We now have some new voices added to our roster with Lou Mavs and his Music Is Life Podcast. Lou discusses whatever music topic is on his mind at the moment. Whether it be current music news or Lou reminiscing of years past. Being a musician himself Lou knows what he's talking about. He's also a huge David Lee Roth era Van Halen fan. The Great Harry Barnett is no stranger to podcasting. Having worked as a producer on a wrestling podcast for years, Harry has now focused on doing his own thing with his show called, I Don't Even Like Podcasts. Harry discusses anything from wrestling, to movies and everything in between. Harry is a huge fan on the Marvel and DC Universes which are regular topics on his show. The Timo Tolkki Podcast. Timo Tolkki was the mastermind behind the band Stratovarius up until he left the band in 2008. Since then Timo has released albums with Allen/Lande, Symfonia, Revolution Renaissance, Timo Tolkki's Avalon and many more. On his Podcast Timo talks about music he is working on at the moment as well as the albums he has done in all the bands he has been involved with. This Broadcast Belongs To "THEM" is a podcast by Wayne and Greg, from Rat Salad Review, dedicated to King Diamond. Wayne and Greg talk everything King Diamond from Black Rose all the way to Kings current albums with guests in between. Old Man Metal's Musings. Old Man Metal discusses beer, gear and underground metal bands. Old Man Metal really gets into detail about his subjects for his shows which is one of the reasons why we really wanted him on Rat Salad Review Network. He's very Knowledgeable in what he talks about. The RIGHT Opinion with Harrison Bergeron. Harrison is new to the podcasting realm but you wouldn't know it with his knowledge on Politics. Harrison really comes across as a natural at what he does. Some people might not agree with his political views but Harrison is exactly what Rat Salad Review Network is all about. Speaking your opinions without worrying about the backlash you might get. Rock and Metal Combat Podcast, Ralph Viera and Ian Wadley have been at the forefront of heavy metal podcasts for years and we couldn't be happier to have them jo.Read more »

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