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I'm Tanya Meessmann and this is the Raising Girl Shaped Flames Podcast. It's my fundamental belief that every girl has a fire in her belly and confidence is the oxygen to those flames. If you're the parent of a teenage girl who could do with a confidence injection, listen in as we deep dive into the relationship between confidence and the areas of your daughter's life it directly impacts, such as happiness, resilience, communication, connection, and much more. This podcast aims to leave you inspired by new ways to build your daughter's self-belief and nurture her flame from a flicker into an inferno. All right, all right. Enough of the fire puns already... Let's strike the match!The Raising Girl Shaped Flames podcast is for parents looking for support and advice on how to encourage stronger self-confidence and courage within their own daughters, so as to positively affect their daughter’s life outcomes, livelihood and day-to-day happiness. A variety of guests are interviewed by GSF Founder, Tanya Meessmann, and together they discuss topics regarding the relationship between CONFIDENCE and courage, setting boundaries, assertiveness, language, stress management and much more. Each episode, Tanya is also joined by Dr Diane Harner for a ‘9 Minutes of Neuroscience’ deep dive into the selected topic.For more information, head to girlshapedflames.com.Read more »

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