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Show Info: The Sunday Reflection is your weekly invitation to focus on the things you like, love, or believe but may not have the chance to think about during the week. Subscribe to The Sunday Reflection for thought-provoking discussion and audio essays about sustainability, community action, social justice, and strategies to be the best 'you' you can be. The Sunday Reflection believes that life isn’t a “stream” of ideas, thoughts, approvals and disapprovals, coming at you like a news feed. Rather, life is meant to be lived in a habit of contemplative action, like the Jesuits, many Eastern traditions, and the Humanists. I’m no expert, but someone who is seeking a more balanced life myself. I’m also no proselytizer, so no matter your religion or lack thereof, you can feel comfortable with the topics on the show. The Sunday Reflection is structured to help you view life reflectively and to look at the world around us with thoughtful eyes. The conclusions you draw, and the actions you take, are ultimately up to you.

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