Quantumnetics: Higher Consciousness in the Quantum Age

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There’s an exciting new science being born right now: Quantumnetics, the practical science of the quantum force. It’s higher consciousness in the Quantum Age, a form of scientific spirituality, or, more precisely, scientific mysticism. Visionary Ted Ciuba is the man behind it. Through a scientific process based on the realities quantum physics has confirmed, Quantumnetics helps people remember who they are, access the powers of their birthright, and transform their health, relationships, and finances, moving into a lifestyle of creativity, ease, and genuine contribution. There’re such empowering things as understanding the observer affects the observed and entanglement; the holographic nature of reality and the implicate versus the explicate order; and knowing how to tune into hyperspace and your plenum person to unfold answers, ideas, and synchronicities. These things explain and make possible self-healing, achievement, and psychic phenomena. It’s been called a modern form of Alchemy, imparting the arcane wisdom of the ancient mystery schools - thoroughly science-based, transforming heart, mind, and circumstances. There’re such luminaries in the Quantumnetics universe as quantum physicists Max Planck, Albert Einstein, David Bohm, and the notable neuroscientist, Karl Pribram. Tune in as Ted Ciuba explains with simple ideas in understandable language the practical new science of the quantum force to make your life better today.Read more »

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