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Welcome to The Property Battlefield Podcast For Integrity Driven Negotiators, Sales Managers and Estate Agency Business Owners Who Represent Courage, Strength, and Determination To Do The Right Thing Even if it Hurts! This podcast will regularly cover the psychology behind homeowner decision making and the six elements of social influence required to win instructions. Consistency. Scarcity. Authority. Social Proof. Liking. Reciprocation. Will look at what Unethical Agents won’t discuss with homeowners. Evidence based decision making. Commitment. Even O-waves including Classical Economic Theory to how Generalisation works including why both the British Army, Sun Tzu and MacDonalds are key to your success no matter what level you’re at. Portals and Online Agents. Capitalists. Socialists. Global Markets. UK Economic Climate - Good? The 100 Club. The Power of Message and my thoughts on why you shouldn’t give two shits your opinions upset. I want to eradicate this industry of unethical agents. I want to eradicate any agent that consistently sacrifices others so that they personally gain. I want all ethical agents to completely dominate their areas. John Panos and Tom McGrath two incredibly successful agents in Australia say that for homeowners to achieve above average results when selling their homes, they simply need to understand, ‘it’s not the promise, it’s the process. I use this mantra in all of my valuations. For every integrity driven agent I will share with you the methods I employ that just work! I want to create a network of professional agents that actively assist each other. I want to know what works for you. A network of agents that take their clients from seeing us a barrier. Seeing us as just the same as unethical agents to raving fans. Throughout these podcast’s I will share countless case studies of exactly how I was able to do this. Unethical Agents want the quick buck, but won’t work for it. Always do the right thing even if it hurts, equates to brutal honesty. It’s scary. But it’s me. I’m positive there are more like us out there. Let’s kick unethical agents into touch. Welcome to Property Battlefield re-launched. This Podcast For Integrity Driven Estate Agents Only. Unethical Agents. How can we get rid of them? Afterall, homeowners choosing the right estate agent isn't easy and that means its hard for them to chose you. This includes me also. Why? Becau.Read more »

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