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Dear Progkast fans, as you may or may not know, I have started an all encompassing Prog terrestrial radio broadcast show. Before this show was a reality, I had been struggling with keeping Progkast going. This year, in particular, has been very difficult for me, since January. But I persevered hoping to start the new show before ending Progkast. Prog Rock Nation began in May. It's been three months now, and I feel it is time to let Progkast go. August's Progkast (#35) will be the last. I feel I can better serve Independent artists with this radio model, by not only reaching Prog fans, but listeners who otherwise would not seek out Prog. I will continue to play and support Independent artists, just the entire show will not be dedicated to Independents. They will be featured in every show, with the exception of some specialty shows. I also am moving into an area that I have always loved and now have an opportunity to pursue... and that is radio/broadcasting/live recording/producing. Progkast was fun, at least for two years. It's been 2.5 years since Progkast started and I thank all the patrons for donating and all of the artists for lending their music to ears all around the World. Progkast was heard in at least 147 countries. I am not totally done however... I hope to pick this up again when I have more time for multiple projects... but it may be a few years. As long as you continue to support Progkast, all of the shows will remain available. The next tier of availability is 6 hours of shows, and then 3 hours of shows. If all support is removed, I will then move the shows over to Internet Archive. Soundcloud is a better platform however, and allows more interaction, discoverability, and networking. I hope you will continue to support it to keep all shows available on Soundcloud. If not, I hope that you will consider contributing to KTAL-LP fm in support of Prog Rock Nation. PRN is aired on Saturday nights in the US at 8pm MT and Sundays at 3am MT at - you can also donate there, be sure to mention PRN if you do. Also for show info, date/time changes, etc. Thank you So So much for your support! Much Love, Julie Progkast is a monthly all Independent Progressive Rock podcast released the last weekend of each month. Progkast is also broadcast and streamed on KTAL-LP radio station in Las Cruces NM (USA) on my "everything Prog" show called Prog Rock Nation, as well as being streamed on Undiscovered Ro.Read more »

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