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Episode Info:


Prince HandleyPresident / Regent University of Excellence THIRD TEMPLE, TIMING & TERRORISTSWHEN THE THIRD TEMPLE WILL BE BUILT~ A MIRACLE PODCAST PRODUCTION ~מידע דחוף על המוסד למודיעין ולתפקידים מיוחדים To LISTEN, click on center of pod circle at top left. (Click “BACK” to return.)


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In this podcast teaching we will discuss the Third Temple of the Jewish People in Israel, the timing of it's construction on the Temple Mount in Jerusalem, and the effect of terrorism with relation to its construction. Plus … the question nobody asks!



QUESTION: There is major discussion between Orhtodox Rabbis and other Jewish leaders concerning WHEN the construction of the Third Temple will take place. Some say that Mashiach (the Messiah) will arrive on the scene first and organize the building of the Third Temple. Others say that the Third Temple will be constructed first, and then Messiah will appear.

ANSWER: The Third Temple will be built first, before Mashiach arrives; however, there will be a FALSE mashiach appear on the scene before the REAL Messiah appears to Israel. The Prophet Daniel was given a message by the Angel Gabriel that in the future the False Mashiach will command that the sacrifices and offerings in the Temple be stopped. This, of course, substantiates the fact that the Third Temple will be built. (Tanakh: Daniel 9:27)In 1,000 B.C.E. the Tabernacle of G-d was in Jerusalem (Psalm 76:2 תהילים)—and knowing that Satan did NOT invent Islam until 1,700 years later ―the “power players” in Israel have a clean shot for the goal. See Israel: Prophecy and Partnership by Prince Handley.

Over $30 million USD has been spent for items needed for the Temple service, including the sacred worship vessels and priestly garments to be worn by the Levites in Temple services. As well, over 500 young Jewish men, descended from the tribe of Levi, have been trained as Temple Priests to fulfill their duties of worship and sacrifice in the Temple.

However, Temple service can NOT begin without the “parah adumah” (Red Heifer). Based upon Numbers 19:1-10, a red heifer without spot or blemish―that has never been yoked―must be sacrificed before the Temple can be built.

In 1987 the Temple Institute inaugurated its “Raise a Red Heifer in Israel” program. Due to laws restricting the importation of live cattle into Israel, the Temple Institute imported frozen embryos of red angus, implanting them in Israeli domestic cows.

“This is the statute of the law that the Lord has commanded: Tell the people of Israel to bring you a red heifer without defect, in which there is no blemish, and on which a yoke has never come.” (Torah: Numbers 19:2)


The timing of the construction of the Third Temple will have intercorrelation as follows: G-d, Geopolitics and Gas.

◙ G-D

Because of the return to ONE language (Binary 0-1-0-1) and ONE goal (Globalism), G-d has already planned the future destruction―AGAIN―of the Global Sytem: Babel. [See Torah: Genesis Chapter 11 (Re: Babel).] Babylon is mentioned several times in Tanakh; Also, Babylon is mentioned several times in Brit Chadasha (the Hebrew New Covenant).

See Babylon, Whore of the Goyim: Enemy of Israel, AND Babylon, the Harlot, Exposed – Part 2, by Prince Handley.

Before the construction of the Third Temple―and before Mashiach returns―their will be a battle involving the “powers of the North” [Turkey, Iran, and Southern Steppe Russian areas] plus some North-Eastern African nations. This will be a battle which the LORD G-d will win so decisively that ALL the world will know it is the LORD G-d who won. It is the conflict described in Ezekiel Chapters 38 and 39.


We know from Scripture (Daniel and Zechariah) that hard times are designed by Satan's New Globalists: and directed at Israel. The New Global Governance will appoint a NEW leader: He will be the FALSE mashiach (FALSE messiah) who will deceive Israel (and deceive Jews globally). This FALSE mashiach―the future New Global Governance leader―will make a seven year peace treaty (covenant) with Israel and the Palestinians. BEWARE!!!

The coming Global Governance Leader (the FALSE messiah) will approve the construction of the Third Temple on the Temple Mount in Jerusalem (probably as one of the conditions of the Seven Year Covenant between Israel and the Palestinians.) In the middle of the seven years, the New Global Governance leader will command all animal sacrifices to STOP. He will go into the Temple and act like (say that) he is G-d. (Tanakh: Book of Daniel 9:27 and Daniel 11:36-37). >>> Notice that these verses can NOT apply to Antiochus IV because the mention of the “time of the end” in verses 35 and 40 tells us that this prophecy is “jumping ahead” to the end of this present age and to the one whom Antiochus symbolized―the FALSE mashiach: the anti-mashiach!

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