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If you are ready to move on from the heart-ache of break-ups, if you are not able to let go of unfulfilling relationships or if you want to stop attracting emotionally unavailable partners than this podcast is for you. Perhaps you are tired of jumping from one relationship to another or you might feel that you cant deal with the stress & anxiety of dating anymore, then join love expert, Aleah Ava for a transformative ride. Aleah shares inspiring interviews with world-class experts and is your guide to discover how to attract true love, authentic connection and deep emotional and sexual intimacy. It is advised to listen to the show in chronological order to ensure highest possible impact on your love life. Information for men: Please accept my apology that especially in the beginning, I mostly addressed women. Being a woman myself made me feel that I mostly understand our perspective and it would be inadequate for me to assume that men face the same battles. Fact is, many of my clients are male and what I offer and advise in this show counts just as much for you as it does for women. Know that I heard you and that I will do my best to consider you as I go on creating the content for this show. Welcome!Read more »

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