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A home brew 5th edition dungeons and dragons podcast taking place in a hand crafted setting. Support the show and get some new threads in the process at: Catch us live every Wednesday at 11 pm CDT (GMT -5:00)at Come say hi on discord at What do a Retired inland mariner and 4 people who responded to a late night reddit post have in common? A love for a good story and Table top RPG's. Join us as Whiskey company explores the world of Runia Piecing together the shattered fragments of the titan of justice Soundtrack: "Majestic Hills" "Crunk Knight" "Thatched Villagers" "Ritual" "Netherworld shanty" "Dragon and Toast" "Anguish" "Clash Defiant" Kevin Macleod ( licensed under creative commons by attribution 3.0 license This game is played using the Dungeons and Dragons(D&D) 5th Edition Rule set. All rights concerning D&D belong exclusively to Wizards of the Coast(WotC). We are expressly forbidden from charging you to use or access this content. This podcast is not published endorsed or specifically approved by WotC. For more information and products, visit Visual Art Director: Lindsey Pender Sound engineer: Craig the discord bot by Yahweasel ( more »

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