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DO YOUR WORK + Clear the crap = Live the life you want! We (Perry & Jessica) are committed to helping people like you do YOUR work: what you're here for; the thing you are meant to do; you're true purpose; what lights you up; the thing you can't stop doing. Why? Because we know that this is what creates everything you want: happiness; fulfillment; joy; stability; abundance; the life you really want. The Do YOUR Work podcast is a series of conversations about what gets in the way and how to clear the crap so you can make that happen! Maybe you're not clear about what YOUR WORK really is. We want to help you with that too. Perry's work is to see, articulate and clarify what YOUR WORK is and help you understand how it functions and what it can do for you and for the world. Jessica's work is to help you clear the crap, (she loves this part) change your habits and give you the tools to make YOUR WORK a reality. If you want to go deeper please visit our individual websites for engagement info: more »

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