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Welcome to the New Age of baseball acceptance, abundance and awakening. "Waking up feeling it in your bones enough to make systems grow, all systems go...Radioactive..." Allow us to show you how you can transcend yourself to limitless opportunities and success. Our core believe revolves around Trust, Teaching, Training &Teamwork. We simply empower the player to be the best you that you can be thru self discovery. With recent advancements in Neuroscience based learning and the acceptance of "What is" in each moment puts you in a place where "Now" is all you have or need to be a winner. We will always be teaching and learning, challenging conventional wisdom and assumptions. All content will be taken from relevant and meaningful context as we examine the Performer, the Performance and the Process! We will cover all facets of baseball and the life lessons learned from this great to do your best when it means the most. Only limitation is your imagination as we dive deep below the surface to explore the topics such as: the approach to peak performance, what causes/contributes to throwing injuries, how to pitch faster with better command, how to hit with more power, how to train your brain to take the conscious thought out and simply respond to what the brain sees with the eyes, etc. In addition, we will be conducting and interviewing special guests and trusted authorities in a plethora of subjects ranging from being scouted by MLB and college recruiters to helping student/athletes transition from middle school thru high school to college and beyond. The series of shows are designed for parents, coaches, players and anyone who loves to learn about how the mind, body, spirit and soul work together. Success does leave clues and you are about to uncover how it will work for you! Together let's all close the gap between your potential & abilities to game performance realities. The Time is Now, Make Every Second Count...Be Exposed & Play in Possibilities... Your Trusted Coach, Paul Niggebrugge.Read more »

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