Passing by Nehushtan

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Messianic prophecy: just an evidence of Jesus as Messiah, a comfort for the hard-hearted believer, a subject in the theology book, an interesting side subject, or is it something more, much more. Are the Old Testament oracles that foretold the coming of Christ actually the long sought theological "vital center" of the faith, being simply those commands of the Father that not only Jesus died to fulfill, but, in turn, without which, as a primary motivation our faith, no one may see God? Is our interpretation of common biblical symbols and expressions, which Jesus meant to point to this truth, wrong? Are such well known expressions as "I am the way, the truth and the life" perhaps not referring only to the authority of Jesus' person, but to that supernatural biblical information, that ground of righteous faith, by which He has made himself a representative, and which knowledge He expects all those who will be saved to enter through? If so, is not the true foreign influence of Christianity that has entered into it and is brining it down nothing more than an indifference and relegation of the power and place of that manifestation of God in the form of information, given by Him to exclusively activate, grow and inform our theology and faith? In short, has the Christian take on the Bible since the deaths of the Apostles been horribly, fatally wrong?Read more »

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