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2019 begins with a season focused around an enigma, a word that Ayn Rand, author of the book, Atlas Shrugged, characterizes as the ultimate ideal. But, countless others consider it the embodiment of greed, exploitation, and even evil - the reason behind everything that is WRONG with society. This word was blamed for multiple stock market crashes, the Great Recession of 2008-2009, and the wealth gap that the world experiences. However, this same word is credited as the economic system that paved the way and made possible the world's tremendous prosperity - an era in history that couldn't even be imagined a hundred years ago. Capitalism - a word that is certainly familiar to you but whose tenets and philosophy run deeper than most are ever willing to talk about - a taboo subject that fits nicely besides religion and politics. What is it? Where did it come? Why is it so reviled yet so celebrated? What does it have anything to do with you and your situation? Capitalism, the Unknown Ideal will be the theme of the podcasts From January to April 2019. Our guests, topics, and ideas will provide answers to these questions and address why understanding the precepts of Capitalism may be vital to not only your successful financial journey, but a successful life in general. So strap in, get your notebooks out, and ready your brain for some major expansion.Read more »

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