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Show Info: The callingtherealYOU™ Human Resource Podcast, is a weekly guide to help align people, performance, and profits. We highlight the latest techniques, science and research with real life experiences and case studies that explore what influences employee behavior. With a focus on decreasing healthcare costs, employee absenteeism, burnout, stress, and turnover, as well as, transforming employee health, engagement, recruitment, retention & profits. Employee Engagement, Wellness & Lifestyle Specialist, Pamella Horton, brings you Industry Leaders and Authors from the Organizational Development, Human Capital, Well-being/Health/Wellness, Lifestyle, Engagement and Corporate Culture space – Revolutionary Experts who have extensive knowledge and application on how people operate...which is essential for a healthy organization and profitable business. callingtherealYOU™ Human Resource Podcast is Powered by Maven's Connections, LLC We rarely edit our shows giving you the most real and authentic experience as possible.

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