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If you're a Mason, Rosicrucian, Buddhist, Esoteric Christian, Yogi, Druid or any kind of practicing mystic, I made this podcast for you... There are going to be a lot of people who encourage you to only look outward. Every week there's some dude trying to sell you a book that contains "the latest science" and "a new approach to old problems." Beware the newness. The solution to these problems is already known. If we try to make our body healthy, what do we do? We deal directly with the body-- we perform exercises that strengthen it, and we guard it against poisonous food. To heal an anxious mind? The same process. We perform exercises that strengthen it, and we guard the mind against poison. ||| Your higher self is unceasingly sending you good ideas. This is an unalterable law. Whether or not the transmission gets garbled is another thing. ||| Your esoteric answering machine says: 1: Mind exists because it's the secret glue that holds the universe together. 2: mind is in everything-- it's a cosmic force like mass SO that means that 3: animism is basically correct. Mind is everywhere and in everything so the idea of planets, suns, plants etc. possessing consciousness is accurate. We only need acknowledge our extrasensory faculties and communication becomes possible. GOD SPEED!Read more »

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