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How can I create consistency in my nutrition and health habits? How can I stop spending all of my time and energy worrying about what I eat? How can I be kinder to my body, improve my self-talk, and feel more confident? Join Claire Siegel, host of The Nutritional Freedom Podcast, as she answers all of these questions and more. You’ll gain insight into the practical tips, nutrition science, and mindset shifts so you can begin to define nutritional freedom for yourself. Each week, you’ll get a new episode that'll help you ditch diets and get healthy for good. Claire is a registered dietitian who’s all about balancing her whole food, veggie-heavy approach to nutrition with her love of burgers, dark chocolate, and red wine. But she wasn’t always this way… Claire spent over a decade of her life on diets. She counted calories, tracked macros, and logged Points. She’d do just about anything to lose weight. On what would turn out to be her last diet, she reached her goal weight but was less healthy and more insecure than ever.What came next was an evolution. She unlearned what diet culture had taught her, and relearned how to trust her body and honor her health from a place of self-care, not self loathing. This had a positive ripple effect on her entire life-- her friendships, her career, and her dating life.In 2018, Claire founded Nutritional Freedom to help other women experience this same evolution through their transformational dietitian-led nutrition and mindset coaching programs. Since then, Nutritional Freedom has helped hundreds of women redefine their approach to nutrition, health, and life overall.Read more »

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